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قطاع الامن الغذائي والزراعة.


Emergency Food Assistance Project

Beneficiaries: 10,252 households = 75,267 individual


Distribute total of 15257 MT


Types of Targeted Groups

  1. Displaced households living in camps without an income source
  2. Socially and economically marginalized households
  3. Households supported by orphans
  4. Households supported by widows, and women without any source of income
  5. Households supported by psychologically or physically disable members (with special needs)
  6. Poor people, with no source of income
  7. Households supported by elderly individuals unable to work
  8. Households including women and pregnant children suffering from severe acute malnutrition

Other Partners:

 Local councils in the targeted districts – National Authority for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Response (NAMCHA) in Hajja Governorate

Project Location:

Three (3) districts in Hajja Governorate: Reef Hajja, Kahlan Affar, and Shars

Project Period:



World Food Program (WFP)


Vision Hope International (VHI)

Local Implementing Partner:

Sada Foundation for Building and Development (SFBD)